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The New Democrat Coalition is made up of 95 forward-thinking Democrats who are committed to pro-economic growth, pro-innovation, and fiscally responsible policies. New Democrats are a solutions oriented coalition seeking to bridge the gap between left and right by challenging outmoded partisan approaches to governing. New Democrats believe the challenges ahead are too great for Members of Congress to refuse to cooperate purely out of partisanship.  

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A note from NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01)

Welcome to the online home of the New Democrat Coalition!

It is an understatement to say that this year has been filled with challenges, and yet New Dems have navigated constructively and productively as a coalition. This Coalition, with 95 Members this Congress, is focused on getting things done for Americans so that they can succeed in the 21st century. Already in the first 200 days of the 117thCongress, we have made progress on our crucial priorities, and we are still hard at work on our continuing priorities.

We have worked to pass legislation to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and restore the economy. Legislation that New Dems helped shape from inception has provided direct assistance to families and workers, invested in vaccine distribution, ensured states, local governments, and schools have the resources they need to provide vital services and reopen safely, and given vital support to small businesses.

Over the past few months, the Coalition has worked with our colleagues to tackle many pressing challenges and deliver results for our constituents. To help in our efforts, we launched seven NDC Policy Task Forces, including:

The NDC shares the Biden-Harris Administration’s vision to build back better, and we are working together to move our country forward. With passage of the budget resolution and a timeline for a House vote on the Senate Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we have a path forward – and are now focused on passing two pieces of historic legislation to create jobs, support families and grow the economy. The Senate infrastructure bill will make historic investments to repair and modernize our nation’s infrastructure and includes several NDC-endorsed and Member-led provisions. And we are pushing for a budget reconciliation bill that prioritizes doing a few things well to maximize our investments in the future instead of doing many things for short periods of time with cliffs and uncertainty. These few things include extending the expanded Child Tax Credit, creating more jobs and opportunities everywhere, going big on climate by maximizing emissions reductions, and building on the ACA to expand access and lower costs. 

More on what the New Dems have accomplished and made progress on in the first 200 days of the 117th Congress, as organized by the agenda we released in January:

End the pandemic and get people back to work

New Dems worked to take steps to end the pandemic and reopen our schools and economy safely; protect workers, families, and local businesses; help the hardest hit, especially communities of color; and stimulate the economy.

In the first 200 days, we successfully fought to:

  • Equitably deploy the vaccine and testing, reopen safely, and prepare for future crises
  • Create more widely shared economic growth, opportunity, and jobs in all parts of the country
  • Support workers, families, and businesses
  • Fund the needs of state, territorial, tribal, and local governments to ensure a robust recovery 

Modernize our infrastructure, combat climate change, and create jobs

New Dems worked to update our transportation infrastructure; create quality jobs; tackle climate change; build a clean energy future; invest in our nation’s preparedness and resilience; develop more affordable housing; and close the digital divide. In the first 200 days, we successfully fought to:

  • Repair and modernize our transportation infrastructure, schools, housing, and broadband 
  • Harden our cybersecurity defenses and critical infrastructure resilience
  • Invest in clean energy, net-zero, efficiency, and climate resilience tools and technologies

Protect and expand Americans' health care

New Dems worked to build on the Affordable Care Act to ensure people are protected from high health care costs, everyone is covered, and care is easier to access.
In the first 200 days, we successfully fought to:

  • Increase health care and coverage access, affordability, options, and protections 

Restore American global leadership

New Dems have taken immediate action to reengage in the international community as a dependable global leader and ally; bolster democracy and renew faith in government; lead with a smart and targeted national security strategy; enact a trade agenda that works for American workers, farmers, and businesses; and build a fair and inclusive immigration system and work to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

In the first 200 days, we successfully fought to:

  • Recommit to multilateralism and return to rules-based trade policy that works for American workers, farmers, and businesses
  • Defend democracy, promote free and fair elections, prioritize equality and racial justice, and restore trust in government
  • Work with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reverse harmful immigration policies, defend Dreamers, TPS recipients, families, and essential immigrant workers, and promote our values as a nation of immigrants
  • Secure our nation, lead through diplomacy, and protect against cyber threats

New Dems have secured critical wins for the American people already, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We are committed to getting real results and securing investments in crucial priorities for American and the generations to come.