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September 24, 2020

E&E News: Centrist Democrats Endorse Six More Climate Bills

by Emma Dumain

The centrist New Democrat Coalition is adding six more bills to its slate of endorsed proposals to combat and respond to climate change. There's little chance that any of these measures will move by themselves before the year's end, with the legislative calendar rapidly closing amid the November elections. And while elements of some of these proposals have already been incorporated into the massive energy package the House is expected to pass later today, the underlying bill is being opposed … Continue Reading

September 18, 2020

ICYMI: The New York Times: No, the Democrats Haven't Gone Over the Edge

The New Democrat Coalition (NDC), chaired by Rep. Derek Kilmer (WA-06), is the largest ideological House Democratic caucus at 104 Members strong. With 42 freshman, New Dem Members are the majority makers in the 116th Congress. The NDC are forward-thinking Democrats committed to identifying pragmatic, pro-growth, and innovative policy solutions to the challenges we face as nation. As reported by David Brooks at The New York Times: "You've probably heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but you … Continue Reading

September 17, 2020

The New York Times: No, the Democrats Haven’t Gone Over the Edge

by David Brooks

Credit...Susan Walsh/Associated Press You've probably heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but you may not have heard of Derek Kilmer. Kilmer grew up in a timber region in Washington State that had seen many of its logging jobs disappear. First at Princeton, then getting a Ph.D. at Oxford, he studied how towns recover from deindustrialization. He went back home to help his community recover economically and now represents that community in Congress. Kilmer is the chairman of the largest … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

Politico: Dems Seize On Reports of Political Interference at HHS

by Melanie Zanona

... Leaders of the centrist New Democrat Coalition emphasized yesterday that they want to vote on additional relief measures before the October recess, making it fresh on voters' minds. The House last passed a massive coronavirus package back in May. "We've asked both Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer to come and give us an update," Rep. Derek Kilmer, chairman of the coalition, told reporters. "We want a deal that's on a robust, comprehensive package. And barring that, we'd like the House to … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

Roll Call: House Democrats Worry Last Legislative Message Before Election Lacks COVID Relief

by Lindsey McPherson

With only 11 legislative days scheduled before the November election, House Democrats are fretting about the possibility of going home to voters without any additional COVID-19 assistance enacted into law. The concerns are more about wanting to get aid into the pockets of struggling Americans as soon as possible than the optics of not securing relief before voters head to the polls, but the latter is starting to weigh on some members as hopes of a bipartisan deal have faded over the past … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

ICYMI: NDC Leadership Members Continue Efforts for a COVID-19 Package Amidst Lapses in Federal Relief

Since the onset of the pandemic, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) has been fighting to ensure American families, students, workers, small businesses, employers, health care providers, and communities have the resources and assistance they need in these difficult times. The House took action four months ago to ensure that critical assistance would continue and rise to meet the severe economic and public health crises. Americans are hurting right now, and it's time for Republicans to come to the … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

Wall Street Journal: Pelosi Says House Should Remain in Session Until Coronavirus Stimulus Deal Is Reached

by Natalie Andrews and Kristina Peterson

WASHINGTON-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the chamber should remain in session until lawmakers can strike a bipartisan agreement on new coronavirus relief, but she indicated she wasn't willing to dramatically scale back Democrats' current offer, leaving unclear how Congress would be able to break the partisan impasse. "We have to stay here until we have a bill," the California Democrat told her caucus on a call, according to a senior aide. There is no vote on coronavirus-related aid … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

The Hill: Pelosi Digs In as Pressure Builds for COVID-19 Deal

by Mike Lillis and Scott Wong

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is standing firm on Democrats' demands for broad COVID-19 relief, shrugging off mounting pressure from Senate Republicans and a small but vocal group of moderate lawmakers in her caucus to pass a slimmer bill. Her strategy carries risks, just weeks before Election Day, if voters deem House Democrats to be the main obstacle to another round of coronavirus aid, particularly after Senate Republicans mustered 52 votes in favor of their … Continue Reading

September 15, 2020

Bloomberg: What to Know in Washington: House Moderates Plan Stimulus Bill

by Zachary Sherwood & Brandon Lee

A 50-member group of House Democrats and Republicans will release a $1.52 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan today in a long-shot attempt to break a months-long deadlock on providing relief to the pandemic-battered U.S. economy. The Problem Solvers Caucus plan, to be announced at an 11 a.m. news conference, has been developed for weeks with the knowledge of the White House and leadership from both parties, according to House aides. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has referred to the … Continue Reading

August 21, 2020

ICYMI: New Democrat Coalition Members Lead Effort on Unemployment Insurance, Automatic Stabilizers

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis is unprecedented and has created immense uncertainty. Last month, the federal pandemic unemployment compensation, which has been a lifeline for 30 million Americans, lapsed. House Democrats saw this deadline coming and passed an extension of the $600 weekly assistance months in advance. Yet Republicans waited until after the emergency unemployment compensation expired to even present their opening bid. That's why the New Democrat Coalition … Continue Reading

August 19, 2020

Bloomberg: Post Office Fight May Clear Way to Restart Stimulus Negotiations

by Erik Wasson and Saleha Mohsin

The political fight over the post office may create an opening for resuming stalled negotiations on a virus relief bill as Democratic and Republican leaders hint at potential compromises and lawmakers agitate for action. President Donald Trump's spokeswoman said Wednesday that the administration was willing to look at $25 billion in additional funding for the U.S. Postal Service. That's the amount Democrats put in their original stimulus plan and are including in post office legislation they … Continue Reading

July 29, 2020

E&E News: New Democrats Pitch Party Leaders on Climate Legislation

by Emma Dumain

Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.), a leader of the New Democrat Coalition, on Capitol Hill. Francis Chung/E&E News The 104 House members of the New Democrat Coalition want party leaders to schedule votes on climate legislation - specifically, legislation being backed by the centrist contingent. The New Democrat Coalition will today send a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) asking them to prioritize, for floor consideration in the coming weeks and … Continue Reading

July 22, 2020

ICYMI: New Dem Leadership Members Outline NDC's Priorities for the Next COVID Package

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) has been working hard to advance the needs of our constituents. The NDC successfully secured several key provisions in the last two major coronavirus response packages - The CARES Act & The Heroes Act - and also helped secure needed flexibility for the Payroll Protection Program. The NDC has pushed for more certainty and predictability in the COVID relief packages so they match the scale of the crisis we are … Continue Reading

July 21, 2020

Bloomberg: HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Industry Lobbying Slowed During Pandemic

by Brandon Lee, Alex Ruoff, & Megan R.

Drugmakers and hospital groups slowed their lobbying spending as the coronavirus spread across the U.S., according to the latest federal lobbying disclosures. Both the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association spent less on lobbying in the second quarter of 2020 than they did in same quarter for 2019. The AHA spent $4.3 million from April through June, a decrease from the $4.9 million during the same period the year before. The AMA spent $3.8 million, less than the … Continue Reading

July 21, 2020

USA Today: After Trump Meeting, GOP Considers Payroll Tax Cut, Another Stimulus Check in Next COVID Bill

by Christal Hayes

WASHINGTON - Congressional Republicans may offer another round of stimulus checks and a payroll tax cut - a measure long sought by President Donald Trump - as part of their next coronavirus stimulus proposal as lawmakers begin negotiations for additional relief to counter the pandemic's devastation on health and the economy. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., touted those two provisions after he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., met at the White House with Trump … Continue Reading

July 20, 2020

The Wall Street Journal: Republicans Put Down Marker on Next Coronavirus-Aid Bill

by Kristina Peterson, Andrew Restuccia, and Catherine Lucey

WASHINGTON-Republicans on Monday outlined their priorities for the next round of coronavirus aid, calling for legal protections for businesses and money to reopen schools but no new funding for states and cities sought by Democrats, kicking off a sprint to pass legislation by early August. Senate Republicans are expected to unveil their bill later this week at a critical moment in the coronavirus pandemic, with cases increasing in many states and new signs that the economic recovery may be … Continue Reading

July 20, 2020

NBC News: Centrist House Democrats Signal Openness to Higher Deficits to Pass Biden's Plans

by Sahil Kapur

WASHINGTON - The leaders of a group of fiscally conscious House Democrats say the coronavirus crisis has sidelined concerns about the national debt, potentially opening up room for Joe Biden to enact broad programs next year if elected president. "This is an emergency. And getting bogged down in trying to identify offsets is not appropriate in an emergency," Rep. Derek Kilmer, D-Wash., the chair of the centrist New Democrat Coalition, told reporters on a conference call Monday. Centrist … Continue Reading

July 20, 2020

McClatchy DC: Unemployed Workers' Extra $600 Benefit Is About to Expire -- But Democrats Have New Plans

by David Lightman

Millions of unemployed California residents are facing a sudden $600 drop in their jobless benefits at the end of the month, but Democratic plans would keep the money coming in as long as the economy remains in turmoil. The proposals, which so far have received virtually no Republican support, would tie the benefits to the state of the economy. The $600 a week, which is added to the state's regular benefit, is a federal program created in March to provide a lifeline to jobless people as the … Continue Reading

May 11, 2020

ICYMI: Automatic Stabilizers in the News

The New Democrat Coalition (NDC) is committed to bold, innovative solutions to help Americans deal with the impacts of coronavirus. The NDC was the first House ideological caucus to publicly release a comprehensive set of recommendations, which included automatic triggers to help end the pandemic and mitigate the severe economic disruptions it has caused. Following House passage of the CARES Act, the NDC Leadership team sent a letter to House Leadership and Committee Chairs urging them to … Continue Reading

April 24, 2020

Bloomberg: What to Know in Washington: Congress Turns to Next Stimulus Bill

by Zachary Sherwood & Brandon Lee

... Democrats Press for Reopening Strategy: Sixty members of the New Democrat coalition are asking House leadership to include policies in the next coronavirus stimulus bill to help communities start to reopen. In a letter to Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the group details proposals on testing, surveillance and contact tracing, Emily Wilkins reports. "Congress must put the measures and standards for a National Recovery Strategy in place now so that widespread, … Continue Reading

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