December 21, 2021

ICYMI: NDC Chair Suzan DelBene Discusses BBB on MSNBC with Hallie Jackson

NDC Chair DelBene: “From the beginning, I’ve always said that we should look at doing few things well for longer, because that really provides the certainty that families and businesses are looking for. That’s what we need to do in Build Back Better.”

KIRKLAND, WA — Today, New Democrat Coalition Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01) appeared on MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Reports to discuss the path forward for the Build Back Better Act 

You can watch the video here and read a transcript of the interview below:  

Hallie Jackson: You know, I think, how far apart the President and Senator Manchin are on this. Do you see an area of common ground and are you as optimistic as the President? 

Rep. Suzan DelBene: I think that we need to find that common ground. I think it is possible. The challenges that our country faces are too big right now and the cost of inaction is too high to throw in the towel. So, we're going to work as the New Dem Coalition to find that path forward because it is critically important. Frankly, folks want to see governance work. They expect us to govern and part of governing is getting bills across the finish line. We don't help anybody till we get the bill passed. 

Hallie Jackson: So, let me ask you about that because you talk about how important this is for people – some of the policies that are incorporated in the Build Back Better Act, one of them is the Child Tax Credit, which I know is important to your Coalition. We spoke with a woman from West Virginia, from Senator Manchin’s state on this show 24 hours ago who laid out, and I think in very stark terms, how personal and how important this is to her. I want to play that for you. 

Clip of Mother from West VirginiaI've depended on this Child Tax Credit to continue to feed my kids. This Child Tax Credit was helping me to be able to put food on the table for my kids and without that – the reality of it is I'll go without eating so my kids don't have to. 

Hallie JacksonThat money [the Child Tax Credit] literally helped her put food on the tableWould you consider then, if in fact this this were to get broken up, if you put the Build Back Better Act and took different pieces and passed them on its ownWould you consider for example, a standalone bill that would just deal with the Child Tax Credit that could passI know you said you said failure is not an option this week. Would that look like failure or is that success? 

Rep. Suzan DelBene: Well, I think her story is indicative of so many stories we've heard from families on the Child Tax Credit. We've seen families be able to put food on the table – over 3 million families being able to put food on the table – to pay for housing, to pay their bills. Frankly, it's helped many parents be able to go back to work. It’s been critically important to families to help them get by, especially throughout the pandemic, but also as we see inflation.  

So, this is an incredibly important tax cut to middle class families and so important that it continues. I think the data has been very strongand we have to talk to Senator Manchin about the data. That woman’s story is the story and an example of what we're seeing, and we actually save money over the long run by making these investments because kids do better. 

Hallie JacksonSo, given how important as you just laid out this is would you consider passing it as a standalone bill instead of as part of the Build Back Better Act if it came to that? 

Rep. Suzan DelBene: Well, I think as we look at Build Back Better, I think we have an opportunity to make sure that we are looking at policies that are long term policies and durable policies. From the beginning, I've always said that we should look at doing few things well for longerbecause that really provides the certainty that families and businesses are looking for. That's what we need to do in Build Back Better.  

I think the Child Tax Credit is a great example, and on climate, making sure that we have long term policy on health care with ACA premium subsidies. These are all things that are critically important for American familiesand that I think we can do together.