September 23, 2022

New Dem Chair: “The House GOP ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda is Bad for Our Country and Bad for Our Economy”

Today, New Democrat Coalition (NDC) Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01) released a statement following House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of the GOP agenda: 

“Americans want and deserve a governing party that fights inflation, raises wages, protects individual freedoms, and moves our country forward,” said NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01). “That’s the commitment Democrats have made, and that’s exactly what we’ve done this Congress. In February, New Dems formed a first of its kind Inflation Working Group and a comprehensive Action Plan to Fight Inflation. We’ve made incredible progress on this agenda by passing legislation to lower health care and energy costs, secure our supply chains, reduce our dependence on other countries.  

“Republicans had the opportunity to advance policies they purport to support but ultimately voted against strengthening our economy and lowering costs for working families. Leader McCarthy’s announcement of a GOP ‘Commitment to America’ agenda today shows once again that the Republican party has no plan to improve our economy or ensure Americans have an opportunity to succeed in it. The House GOP agenda to ban abortion, cut Medicare and Social Security and raise taxes on Americans would only take our country and economy back in time.  

“Thankfully, the New Dem economic agenda will take our country into the future. While Republicans wage culture wars, New Dems are fighting inflation, cutting costs, and making governance work for Americans. The House GOP agenda is bad for our country and bad for our economy.”