August 20, 2021

New Democrat Coalition Chair Statement on Budget Resolution Vote

New Democrat Coalition (NDC) Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01) released the following statement ahead of the budget resolution vote in the House next week:

“As Congress and the administration started discussing using budget reconciliation to advance the Build Back Better Agenda, the New Democrat Coalition pushed for and secured two important process related commitments to: (1) have the Senate go first in passing the budget resolution and (2) empower House Committees and Members to draft the reconciliation bill. 

With the Senate having passed the budget resolution earlier this month, now is time for the House to approve the budget resolution in order to get the reconciliation process started. During that process, we will continue to work with our members and relevant committees to make sure the reconciliation bill advances under regular order in both name and spirit, our Members are at the table and have meaningful opportunities to shape the legislation, and the final package reflects New Dem priorities.

Additionally, we are pleased that the rule will set forth a process for the House to consider the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that passed the Senate earlier this month as well. The New Democrat Coalition has long advocated for transformational infrastructure investment. With the current infrastructure authorizations expiring on September 30, we need to find a swift path forward on this bill in the House as well.” 

Earlier this year, the New Democrat Coalition pushed the administration and House leadership in meetings to have the Senate vote on the budget resolution first to ensure the House didn’t have to vote on it twice. In May, the New Democrat Coalition sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer—following up in discussions thereafter—urging that the House utilize regular order both in name and spirit to legislate the Build Back Better agenda.