May 31, 2018

New Democrat Coalition Members' Statement on Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Today, New Democrat Coalition Trade Task Force Co-Chairs Rick Larsen (WA-02) and Gregory W. Meeks (NY-02) issued the following statement on President Trump’s actions to levy steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union, Canada, and Mexico:

“The administration continues to unilaterally push forward with a protectionist trade policy that is not in America’s best interest. Once again, the president has moved forward with a policy impacting trade relations with some of our closest allies and trading partners without consulting Congress. A U.S. trade policy should be about setting strong standards, not on targeting allies under the false pretense, and against the interest of, national security. This tit-for-tat tariff-focused policy has real consequences, first and foremost through retaliation and the impact on down-stream industries and consumers, including rising prices of U.S. goods. While the president may not feel the impacts of these retaliations, U.S. farmers, workers, consumers, and businesses will.”