May 18, 2022

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Celebrating 25 Years of New Dems Delivering Results for the American People

Today, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) celebrates our 25th anniversary in Congress. For the last quarter-century, our members have been focused on breaking through the gridlock in Washington to deliver real results for the American people. Congressional leaders, New Dem alumni and supporters have helped us mark this major milestone with statements honoring the Coalition’s work to find solutions to our country’s greatest challenges. 

See below for what they are saying:  

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“For 25 years, the New Democrat Coalition has been a wellspring of innovative solutions and a force for opportunity, prosperity and progress.  Guided by Chair Suzan DelBene’s effective leadership, it remains a respected voice within our House Democratic Caucus: bringing lawmakers together around a mission to grow and empower America’s middle class.

“Always bringing new ideas to the table, the New Democrat Coalition has long strengthened House Democrats’ legislative agenda.  From promoting greater health care protections to fighting for historic investments in our infrastructure, New Democrats have worked to help every American climb the economic ladder.  Founded at the dawn of a new Information Age, the Coalition has also fought to invest in research and technology to ensure our nation can compete and succeed on the world stage.  With the America COMPETES Act, New Democrats are now advancing our Caucus’s fight to bolster America’s scientific excellence, strengthen our supply chains and lower costs for working families. 

“Through years of consensus building and results-focused legislating, New Democrats have helped forge a brighter, more promising future for our children and grandchildren.  As we celebrate their quarter-century of pioneering leadership, let us salute the New Democrat Coalition’s invaluable contributions to our Caucus’s continued fight For The People.” 

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer:

“For twenty-five years, the New Democrat Coalition has been at the forefront of ensuring that working families and entrepreneurs can make it in America.  They have formed an essential part of the House Democratic Caucus, contributing ideas, energy, and a determined effort toward our goals of securing opportunity for all and a stronger and safer future for our country.  With its focus on seeking bipartisanship to achieve results For The People, the New Democrat Coalition has, throughout the past quarter century, helped demonstrate what our party strives to accomplish: government bringing stakeholders together to help our businesses, workers, and families make it in America.  

“I’ve been proud to work closely with New Dems throughout that time as we have brought our Caucus together behind big ideas, many generated and shaped by New Dem Members, that could be enacted for the benefit of the American people.  When the Great Recession hit, New Dems sprang to action and helped Democrats craft the American Rescue and Recovery Act to jump-start hiring and save our economy.  When Congress reformed our broken health care system, New Dems were instrumental in making sure that the Affordable Care Act brought costs down for patients and families while ensuring that providers could still deliver high-quality care.  When COVID-19 jeopardized Americans’ lives and livelihoods, New Dems helped lead efforts to enact the American Rescue Plan to get shots in arms and reopen businesses and schools safely.  In November, the enactment of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law represented the culmination of New Dems’ long efforts to jump-start local economies across America with robust investment in infrastructure projects.  

“Over the years, I’ve been proud to work closely with many New Dems to advance Make It In America bills to invest in infrastructure, education and skills training, and entrepreneurship.  New Dem Members contributed bills and amendments and participated in hearings and Listening Tour visits in our effort to promote job growth and opportunity while lowering costs for Americans.  Together, we are continuing to work toward reaching agreement with the Senate on a critical bipartisan innovation bill that will shore up our supply chains, invest in making our workforce more competitive, and promote the growth of advanced manufacturing here in our country.  

“It is no surprise that New Dems were our Majority-makers in 2018; they represent many front-line districts where discerning voters want to hear from those with solid ideas, a proven track record, and a determination to come to Congress to get things done.  I congratulate Chairwoman DelBene and the Members of the New Democrat Coalition on reaching this milestone anniversary and look forward to continuing to work closely with them to help Democrats maintain our Majority and continue delivering For The People.”

House Majority Whip Jim E. Clyburn: 

“The work of the New Democrat Coalition is a stalwart example of how public policy should be developed and implemented. Your efforts to grow our economy, inspire innovation, and strengthen America’s global presence over the past 25 years have been transformative. From driving advances in technology to playing a key role in developing and passing the Affordable Care Act, the Coalition has gotten things done.  

 “The diversity among the Coalition’s 98 Members displays how our diverse and unique experiences allow us to be empathetic and effective policy makers. It is an honor to work with colleagues who strive to make this country’s greatness more accessible and affordable for all.  Congratulations on reaching this milestone”

Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark:

“For 25 years, the New Democrat Coalition has worked to tackle our nation’s most pressing needs with a solutions-oriented approach to governing. In Congress, the New Dems have fought to ensure that everyone, regardless of their zip code, has the opportunity to achieve a good life through affordable health care, investments in innovation, a pro-worker economy, modern infrastructure, and an aggressive plan to combat climate change.  

I’m grateful for the leadership of Chairwoman Suzan DelBene, Chair Emeritus Derek Kilmer, and every member of the Coalition for their work on behalf of American families and am looking forward to what’s next for the New Dems in the coming years.”

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, House Democrats have had three objectives: crush the virus, bring our economy back to life and create prosperity in every single zip code. We’ve now seen more than 250 million Americans fully vaccinated, the fastest rate of economic growth in 40 years and 16 consecutive months of robust job creation—a result of great leadership, including from the 98-Member-strong New Democrat Coalition. 

For 25 years, New Dems have relentlessly focused on delivering for everyday Americans, and that is why we are continuing to emerge from this once-in-a-century pandemic better than before. Under the leadership of Chair Suzan DelBene, the New Democrat Coalition continues to do what they have always done, dig deep into substantive policy and advocate for common sense solutions to build a strong economy for the American people. We proudly celebrate their achievements over the years and their dynamic contributions to our Caucus today, and we all look forward to our continued partnership with the coalition that “Gets Stuff Done.” 

Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus and Former New Dem Whip Pete Aguilar: 

“For 25 years, the New Democrat Coalition worked to break up the political gridlock in Washington so that Congress can come together to get things done for the American people. Whether it’s writing the Affordable Care Act’s defining provisions, investing in our nation’s infrastructure, or passing the America COMPETES Act, New Dems have been at the forefront of some of the most successful legislative efforts in recent history, and we’re not done yet. We have concrete plans to strengthen the economy, bolster our public health infrastructure and promote a healthier, more resilient democracy. I’m proud to be a New Dem and looking forward to 25 more years of getting things done.”


Governor of Colorado and Former New Dem Member Jared Polis: 

“The policy initiatives and collaborative work of the New Democrat Coalition were some of the most meaningful accomplishments I had the opportunity to participate in during my decade in Congress, and I am proud to congratulate them on 25 incredible years. The lessons I learned with my colleagues in the New Democrat Coalition strengthen my commitment to saving people money, breaking down trade barriers for made in America products, supporting innovation and collaboration and cutting red tape in government, and working to ensure all Coloradans, and Americans, can thrive.” 

Governor of Delaware and Former New Dem Member John Carney: 

“The New Dems were the people in Congress who wanted to get things done. If you were looking for someone with a practical or innovative idea that members of both parties could support, you'd go to the New Dems. If you wanted a chance to weigh in on significant legislation, or share your views with Administration officials, you'd go to a New Dem meeting. And if you wanted to be around hard-working, smart people dedicated to serving the public, you'd join the New Dems. Being a member of the New Democrat Coalition stands out as one of the highlights of my time in Congress.”

Lt. Governor of Washington and Former New Dem Member Denny Heck 

“Congratulations to the New Dems on 25 years of accomplishments. I gladly joined the New Dems when I entered Congress because I knew it was where I would find people with whom I shared values and who were there to make a difference and not just a statement. “Getting things done” is a hallmark of the New Dems. They are about good policy and innovation and principled compromise and the strong relationships necessary for all that to happen.”

U.S. Senator from Michigan and Former New Dem Member Gary Peters: 

“As a proud alum of the New Dems, I’m pleased to help the Coalition celebrate 25 years of delivering results for the American people. The Coalition has been successful because its focus has been and continues to be on finding common ground and advancing common sense policies that grow our economy, encourage innovation, lower costs for families and create good-paying jobs.”

U.S. Senator of Connecticut and Former New Dem Member Chris Murphy: 

“Americans want their elected representatives to work together to get things done, and that’s what the New Democrat Coalition has been all about for the last 25 years. During my time in the House, I was proud to work with my fellow New Dems to provide affordable health care coverage for millions of Americans through the ACA."

U.S. Senator of Arizona and Former New Dem Member Kyrsten Sinema: 

“For 25 years the New Democrat Coalition’s innovative, pro-growth thinkers, committed to working across the aisle, have helped lead America’s economy to the next level – fueling jobs and opportunity across Arizona and our country. I was a proud member of this coalition while serving in the U.S. House, and I look forward to continue partnering with my colleagues in finding bipartisan, lasting solutions to help families achieve the American Dream.”

New Democrat Network: 

“This year the House New Democrat Coalition turns 25 years old. As folks who were deeply involved in the formation of the group all those years ago, it’s our view that today’s NDC, led by the brilliant Rep. Suzan DelBene, is as strong as it has ever been. And that’s good news for America, for this forward-looking organization, which helped lead the country successfully through the last generation of American politics, is going to be called on again to help us meet a new set of emergent challenges.  

“When we started NDN in 1996, our slogan was “New Leaders for a New Time.” It feels like we are at such a moment again. And like those who “New Leaders” who came before we are very optimistic that the new and very capable team leading the NDC is on track to make sure the next 25 years is as impactful and important as the first 25.”

Third Way:

"It is no coincidence that the biggest advances in Washington are directly tied to the strength of the New Democrat Coalition. As we celebrate their 25thanniversary, Third Way applauds these majority makers for their leadership and commitment to delivering meaningful progress for the American public and the communities they represent.

"Year after year, New Dems have shown the only proven path to flipping seats from Red to Blue. When Democrats captured the House gavel in 2018, it was because of the wave of New Dem victories that flipped 33 of net 40 seats. And they were the only ideological caucus to flip seats again in 2020.

"In office, the pragmatic and innovative New Dems set an agenda to deliver results that impact lives. They have been at the forefront of passing, defending, and expanding the protections of the Affordable Care Act. And the Coalition was instrumental in stabilizing our economy through the American Rescue Plan that got vaccines in arms and paychecks in pockets, delivering historic bipartisan investments to repair the nation’s infrastructure, and expanding opportunities for all Americans to earn a good life. 

"They are the face of the modern, moderate wing of the Party. The Coalition showcases a diverse and talented group of members who bring expertise and valuable perspectives from careers in national security, science, business, and health care. 

"We are proud to partner every day with the New Democrat Coalition to craft forward-looking solutions to the challenges of a modern digital age."

Progressive Policy Institute President Will Marshall:  

“Since 1997, the New Democrat Coalition has played an indispensable role in Congress. In the hothouse of House politics, it has been a steadying force, resisting ideological fads and extremism and keeping Democrats in touch with the essentially pragmatic American mainstream. 

“The NDC’s members run and win in the most competitive places in America. They are the majority makers — Democrats can’t govern without them. At a time of rising extremism on the right and the left, New Democrats enable their party to govern from America’s pragmatic center.

“The NDC is home base for pro-growth progressives who believe that government and private enterprise must be partners for economic progress, not enemies. New Democrats champion U.S. science, innovation, and entrepreneurship, both to raise living standards at home and ensure we win today’s contest with China for economic and technological leadership. They back fiscally responsible social investment to reward work, promote social mobility, and equip working Americans with the tools they need to get ahead.

“New Democrats also stand for a politically sustainable transition to clean energy to generate new jobs and protect the climate. Their views on guns, crime, immigration, and national security meet the test of common sense. At a time of rising isolationism, they support energetic U.S. leadership to uphold trade, maintain strong alliances and defend democracy.

“Having been present at its creation, I applaud the NDC’s resilience and expanding influence over the past 25 years. PPI raises a glass to Chair Suzan DelBene and the hardworking NDC staff, as well as the congressional staff who support the Coalition’s work.”


"On behalf of our network of state and local leaders, I applaud all the representatives who have made the New Democrat Coalition into a force for progress for 25 years. 

"NewDEAL has proudly partnered with New Dems to share ideas and we are grateful for the coalition’s consistent commitment to both addressing the challenges our members face as well as investing in federal-state-local partnerships. New Dem leaders and all the members with whom we have worked have demonstrated a relentless drive to expand economic opportunity, and the results prove that their pragmatic approach to governing works. It’s no surprise that many of them have served in state and local offices, including many NewDEALers who have become New Dems.

"I look forward to the continued leadership of Congresswoman DelBene and to the next 25 years of New Dems driving progress on the biggest issues facing our country."