March 28, 2023

Enough Republican Misinformation. Democrats Are the Real Job Creators

New Democrat Coalition Vice Chair for Communications Brad Schneider (IL-10) makes a data-driven case for why our economy is better under Democratic leadership.

Despite Republicans' continued efforts to paint Democrats as socialists, the truth is, we are actually really good at capitalism. In fact, under Democratic Administrations since John F. Kennedy, the American economy has created 74.2 million jobs, compared to 29.8 million with a Republican in the White House. Here are some more facts:

Under President Biden's leadership, the U.S. added more than 500,000 jobs in January of this year, and 300,000 more in February. Unemployment hit its lowest level since 1969, the same year we first put a man on the moon and the Beatles were recording Abbey Road!

Furthermore, in just two years under President Biden's leadership, Democrats created over 12 million jobs, capped insulin costs at $35 a month for seniors, decreased the deficit by nearly $2 trillion, and brought America back from the brink of economic disaster during the pandemic.

Democrats also passed historic legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to create good jobs at home, and the CHIPS and Science Act to boost American manufacturing.

The work we have done under President Biden builds on a decades-long legacy of Democrats delivering for our economy. It's Democrats who consistently raise wages, create jobs, and help small businesses succeed. For example, a record 10.5 million small business applications were submitted in the last two years.

Democrats like those in the New Democrat Coalition, a caucus of nearly 100 center-Left House Democrats, are focused on fighting inflation and helping Americans succeed economically.

History shows Democrats are the true champions of stakeholder capitalism. When a Democrat is President, the economy grows faster. Democrats have created 95 percent of the new jobs since the end of the Cold War. Democrats help clean up their economic messes. The list goes on.

It's clear through our actions that Democrats advance policies that support a thriving private sector while promoting a vibrant democracy. But we need strong leadership and a concrete plan of action to continue growing the economy and helping working families succeed.

Democrats are the only ones with a plan to keep our economy on the path to success, as evidenced by the Action Plan to Fight Inflation New Dem Members released last Congress.

If we want to build on our economic progress to date, here's three things we can do:

First, ensure quality child care is affordable and available for everyone. More than a third of working mothers and 20 percent of working fathers cited child care concerns as a top reason for voluntarily leaving the workforce. Parents can't reenter the workforce without improved child care.

Second, let's make sure American workers are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The historic bills Democrats passed last Congress are strengthening our economy, creating quality jobs, and improving life in communities across the country. We need to make sure students continue learning everything necessary to hit the ground running and workers have the skills to access the jobs of tomorrow.

Third, we must update our nation's immigration and border security policies for the 21st century. In addition to preparing American workers, we can reduce our labor shortage with a smart immigration policy that strengthens our workforce and secures the border. Businesses need employees in high demand to make American industries like tech, farming, hospitality, and construction succeed. Immigrants will be an important part of growing our economy to lead the world.

Americans elected us to make real progress on the issues that matter. Instead of wasting taxpayer dollars voting on meaningless bills, our work in Congress must focus on growing the economy, creating economic opportunities, and fueling healthy competition that supports workers and small businesses alike.

My colleagues in the New Democrat Coalition and I will continue working to find ways to break through the gridlock to ensure the U.S. leads the global economy today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

Rep. Brad Schneider is the Congressman representing Illinois' 10th district. He is the Vice Chair for Communications of the 96-member center-left New Democrat Coalition.

By:  NDC Vice Chair for Communications Brad Schneider
Source: Newsweek