March 2024
The Hill: America has a housing problem. New Dems have a solution.
FOX News: Republicans neglect the border, but can’t ignore national security
February 2024
Newsweek: America Is Facing a Workforce Crisis. Immigration Is the Answer | Opinion
January 2024
The Hill: Freedom is On the Ballot in 2024
Newsweek: On January 6, All That Separated Me From the Rioters Was 30 Seconds | Opinion
December 2023
Newsweek: At COP 28, New Dems Chart the Path Forward to a Clean Energy Economy by New Dem Chair Kuster and NDC Climate and Clean Energy Task Force Chair Peters
Newsweek: We Won't Let Far Right Hijack America's Security Priorities
October 2023
The Hill: The GOP-led House is in chaos. Bipartisanship is the only path forward.
September 2023
Newsweek: Why the Republican Chaos Caucus and Its Government Shutdown Should Make You Mad
July 2023
FOX News: I’m a New Democrat and we have the key to a strong economy
June 2023
Newsweek: One Year After Dobbs, Women and Families Are Bearing the Consequences
April 2023
Newsweek: I Flipped My Seat Blue. I Know Congress Can Pursue Bipartisan Goals,
March 2023
Newsweek: Enough Republican Misinformation. Democrats Are the Real Job Creators
January 2023
FOX News: Here's Why I Call New Democrat Coalition the 'Can Do Caucus'
October 2022
CNBC: Democrats are Better for our Country and Economy
May 2022
Newsweek : Meet the New Dems - the Moderate Members Defending Our Democracy
April 2022
CNBC: Congress must pass an innovation bill to fight inflation, boost national security
February 2022
The Hill : American Competitiveness Legislation is the Key to Tackling Today’s Economic Challenges, Creating Tomorrow’s Opportunities
May 2021
The American Independent: The American Independent: It’s Time to Take Child Poverty Seriously and Make the Child Tax Credit Permanent
August 2020
The American Independent: The American Independent: Decisions on Reopening Schools Must Be Based on Evidence
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