March 26, 2019

New Democrat Coalition Releases Future of Work Task Force Goals for the 116th Congress

The New Democrat Coalition Future of Work Task Force Co-Chairs Lisa Blunt Rochester, Bill Foster, Chris Pappas, Haley Stevens released their goals for the 116th Congress. The Future of Work Task Force will meet with stakeholders and develop policy positions for the Coalition to advance in both the near term and long term.

Future of Work Task Force Mission Statement for the 116th Congress:

We live in a period of innovation and economic disruption that has created enormous opportunities for some, but a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety for others. The New Democrat Coalition Future of Work Task Force will seek to ensure that this moment of economic change is one of widely shared opportunity and prosperity. As policy makers, we must face the coming change and adapt to ensure Americans have the tools to seize new opportunities. We believe it is time to modernize the systems and institutions of the 20th Century to prepare and support our workers in the changing economy. We will act to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed, seek to close the skills and opportunity gaps, modernize the social safety net and benefits systems for the 21st century, and empower workers and entrepreneurs.

"The modern economy is driven by ever-evolving technology, and as a result, we're seeing a fundamental shift not only in the types of opportunities available but also in the nature of work Americans are doing," said Congresswoman Blunt Rochester. "If we're to support the ability of Americans in both our city centers and our rural communities to have the opportunity to earn a good life in the digital age, we can't simply react to change, we must embrace it. I have worked on solutions to boost retirement savings, improve education and training, and expand benefits and flexibility to workers. With the New Dems Future of Work Task Force, we will continue to build on that work by developing innovative solutions to address our changing economy. Together, we will fight for a new social contract that benefits all workers.”

“Automation and artificial intelligence have the potential to greatly disrupt our economy and the workforce. It’s important that Congress take a serious look at how we can prepare workers for the economy of the future,” Congressman Bill Foster said. “I’m proud to work with the New Democrat Coalition to make sure all Americans have access to economic opportunities and a share of the American dream.”

“Our economy works best when everyone has the chance to get ahead,” said Congressman Chris Pappas. “With a rapidly changing global economy, is it critical that we invest in the workforce of tomorrow and maintain our nation’s competitive advantage. I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance policies that close the skills gap, invest in technical education, and expand affordable housing for our workers to safeguard the American dream for generations to come.”

“The New Dem Future of Work Task Force presents an amazing opportunity to advance policies that address one of the most critical challenges of our time. As someone who worked in a manufacturing research lab focused on the future of work in the digital age, promoting innovation and modernization for the 21st century economy is exactly why I ran for Congress,” said Congresswoman Haley Stevens. “I look forward to working with the Future of Work Task Force to ensure that we are ready to seize new opportunities, close the skills gap, and stand up for working people.”

Future of Work Task Force for the 116th Congress:

  • Co-Chairs: Reps. Lisa Blunt Rochester, Bill Foster, Chris Pappas, and Haley Stevens
  • Members: Reps. Ami Bera, Anthony Brown, Tony Cárdenas, Gil Cisneros, Angie Craig, Susan Davis, Josh Harder, Jim Himes, Steven Horsford, Chrissy Houlahan, Brenda Lawrence, Susie Lee, Seth Moulton, Donald Norcross, Mikie Sherrill, Tom Suozzi, Lori Trahan, and Marc Veasey