June 03, 2020

NDC Stands in Solidarity with Congressional Black Caucus

NDC Listens to CBC Leaders to Discuss Legislative Path Forward

Today, New Democrat Coalition (NDC) Chair Derek Kilmer (WA-06) issued the following statement after the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the subsequent days of protests in cities and towns across America. The statement comes after the NDC hosted Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chair Karen Bass and New Dem CBC Members for a call to discuss action Congress can take to help rectify the injustice many Black Americans are experiencing and help bring our communities together.

“The murder of George Floyd has brought back into light for many Americans the continued racial injustice that still unfortunately exists in our country. My heart aches for the families most directly impacted and Black Americans everywhere who are – appropriately – calling for justice, respect, and understanding.

“On Saturday, I joined faith leaders in my district in prayer and solidarity. Here was my prayer:

God, perhaps more than any other time in our lives we ask for help. In a time when we see painful examples of bigotry and heartbreaking tragedy, help our country do the hard work of self-examination so we can do better, be better, and find justice. Help our country be more equal and more compassionate. In times where we see injustice and inaction, let us find solutions, accountability, and change. In these times of illness, help us find healing. In these times of economic struggle, help us find restoration and recovery. In these times of division, help us find unity. God, the psalms tell us that you are “a stronghold in times of trouble,” so we ask that you be that for our community, for our country, and for each of us.

“Yesterday we hosted a call with our colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus to listen, learn, and commit to working together in order to create a more just and fair nation. New Dems will remain partners to our colleagues in the CBC and Black leaders in condemning and working to end targeted police violence across the country. Now is the time to listen to our fellow Americans’ lived experiences. Following the CBC’s lead, we will look to support a comprehensive legislative path forward in Congress to achieve racial justice.”