May 09, 2019

New Democrat Coalition Trade Task Force Statement on Section 301 Tariffs Announcement

Today, the New Democrat Coalition Trade Task Force Co-Chairs Ron Kind, Rick Larsen, Greg Meeks, and Lizzie Fletcher released a statement after the announcement that President Trump may raise tariffs on China, continuing to harm American businesses, farmers, and families:

"We urge the administration to reverse their plans to increase taxes by over double on a quarter of goods purchased from China by U.S. consumers or used as input parts for goods manufactured in the U.S. We believe further taxing American businesses, farmers, and families is not the correct approach to counter unfair Chinese trade practices, and would open our exporters up to retaliation, harming the U.S. economy. Rather the Administration should be joining forces with our allies to build a united front to create meaningful pressure on China. We support efforts to promote structural changes in the U.S.-China trade relationship to level the playing field for U.S. companies, including improving market access, addressing state owned enterprises (SOEs), ending forced tech transfers, stopping IP theft, and terminating forced joint ventures. The administration must institute an exclusion process as required of them in U.S. law to ensure American businesses, farmers, and families are not bearing the full burden of this action.”