March 10, 2023

New Democrat Coalition Unveils Nine New Policy Task Forces & Outlines Robust Policy Agenda for 118th Congress

The New Dem Task Forces will Develop Innovative Policy Ideas and Work to Find Common Ground on Critical Issues from Climate Change to Immigration Reform

Today, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC), led by Chair Annie Kuster (NH-02) and Vice Chair for Policy Derek Kilmer (WA-06), unveiled nine new policy task forces for the 118th Congress. 

From combating the climate crisis to enacting commonsense immigration reform, each task force is centered around New Dems’ top priorities and areas where New Dem Members believe bipartisan progress is possible in a closely divided Congress. These task forces will help New Dems advance a forward-looking policy agenda focused on securing legislative victories and encouraging the Biden administration to take action when there is an absence of bipartisan agreement. Importantly, the task forces will also lay the groundwork for a governing agenda when Democrats retake the majority in 2024.

The Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Members on each task force will convene frequent meetings and roundtables with experts and administration officials, endorse legislation and recommendations for executive actions, advocate for Member priorities, work across the aisle to find bipartisan legislative solutions, provide messaging guidance for Members and staff, and more to address the greatest challenges our nation is facing today. 

“The New Democrat Coalition is the ‘Can-Do Caucus,’ and our Members are the true policy entrepreneurs in Congress,” said NDC Chair Annie Kuster. “We know that a closely divided Congress presents a real opportunity for bipartisan progress. That’s why each of these nine policy task forces reflect areas where we can work across the aisle to deliver legislative wins for our constituents, including on the issues of workforce development, housing, mental health care, and more. Last Congress, Democrats had the same slim margin Republicans hold now – and just as we did last year, New Dems will advocate for smart policies to generate new ideas and create new opportunities for hardworking Americans. We’re excited for the work to come.”

“The New Dems are all about solving problems for the American people,” said NDC Vice Chair for Policy Derek Kilmer. “We are committed to moving the ball forward and advancing policies that help lower costs, improve public health and public safety, and grow our economy from the bottom up and the middle out. That’s why these policy task forces provide such a terrific opportunity to pull together the diverse perspectives and impressive ideas of our members.”

The nine NDC task forces and their leadership are: 

  • Climate Change and Clean Energy Task Force
    • Chair Scott Peters (CA-50), Vice Chairs Sean Casten (IL-06), Eric Sorensen (IL-17), and Susan Wild (PA-07)
  • Health Care, Substance Use, and Mental Health Task Force
    • Chair Terri Sewell (AL-07), Vice Chairs Yadira Caraveo (CO-08) and Brittany Pettersen (CO-07)
  • Trade Task Force
    • Chair Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07), Vice Chairs Don Beyer (VA-08) and Jimmy Panetta (CA-19)
  • Immigration and Border Security Task Force
    • Chair Greg Stanton (AZ-04), Vice Chairs Salud Carbajal (CA-24) and Lou Correa (CA-46)
  • Affordable Housing Task Force
    • Chair Norma Torres (CA-35), Vice Chairs Greg Landsman (OH-01), Wiley Nickel (NC-13), and Emilia Sykes (OH-13)
  • Workforce Development Task Force 
    • Chair Kathy Manning (NC-06), Vice Chairs Hillary Scholten (MI-03) and Gabe Vasquez (NM-02) 
  • Economic Growth and Fiscal Responsibility Task Force
    •  Chair Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06), Vice Chair Nikema Williams (GA-05)
  • Farm Bill Task Force
    • Chair Kim Schrier (WA-08), Vice Chairs Jim Costa (CA-21) and Don Davis (NC-01)
  • National Security Task Force 
    • Chair Marilyn Strickland (WA-10), Vice Chairs Jason Crow (CO-06), Ed Case (HI-01), and Jared Moskowitz (FL-23) 

These New Dem policy task forces are centered around issues where bipartisanship is possible and around moving important legislative vehicles forward this Congress, which will ensure New Dem priorities are reflected and bipartisan agreement is made where possible. The Members leading the NDC task forces as Chairs and Vice Chairs are issue-area experts who serve on relevant committees of jurisdiction, bring years of experience, and are fountainheads of innovative paths forward.