July 28, 2023

New Dems Endorse Five Core Policy Principles for the Farm Bill

The Coalition is working to advance bold, commonsense policies that invest in rural communities, support our growers and producers, and end hunger in America

Today, Farm Bill Task Force Chair Kim Schrier (WA-08), Vice Chairs Jim Costa (CA-21) and Don Davis (NC-01) and Members of the Task Force endorsed five core principles to guide the Coalition’s work on the must-pass Farm Bill. This Congress, New Dems established its first-ever Farm Bill Task Force to ensure this bipartisan legislation prioritizes economic development that revitalizes rural areas; strengthens nutrition programs to combat food insecurity across the country; provides certainty for growers and producers; enhances research and access to international markets; and uses agriculture as a way to improve our environment and supply chains. 

The New Dem Farm Bill Task Force Leadership released the following statement on the Coalition’s principles:

“Americans are counting on Congress to do its job and pass the Farm Bill without unnecessary delay so American agriculture and citizens have reliable food from farm to table. The priorities put forward by our Task Force are essential to a successful bill that empowers growers and producers to feed and fuel our nation, enables rural communities to succeed, and ensures no hardworking family goes hungry. As Members representing rural communities who have so much at stake with this legislation, we will continue fighting to secure these priorities in the final version of the bill.” 

You can read more about our Farm Bill priorities here and below:

New Dems believe the Farm Bill must:

  1. Invest in rural communities through targeted investments and by deploying broadband effectively and in a manner that is transparent, streamlined, and incentivizes both broadband uptake and speed, especially prioritizing rural communities.
  2. Address the modern nutritional needs of Americans and provide innovations for program efficiency.
  3. Provide farmers, ranchers, and other landowners who feed and fuel our nation with certainty from diversified income streams and greater supports to beginner, young, and socially disadvantaged producers.
  4. Ensure farmers and ranchers have access to world class research and the resources necessary for successful trade promotion and marketing in order to expand international markets.
  5. Recognize the important role the agriculture and forestry sector continues to have on our local environment and the opportunity the Farm Bill provides to build upon historic investments in carbon sequestration and sustainable land management, expand jobs in communities, and most importantly, enhance and protect our food supply chain from the field to America’s dinner table.

New Dems will continue to work with our Members, the Agriculture Committee, and relevant stakeholders to ensure a final Farm Bill is bipartisan and supports the agricultural economy, nutrition, climate, and rural communities.

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