November 14, 2019

Torres to Focus on Inland Empire’s Housing Priorities in New Role as Co-Chair of New Dem Housing Task Force

Rep. Norma J. Torres (CA-35) released the following statement today announcing her appointment as the Co-Chair to the New Democrat Coalition Housing Task Force.

“I bought my first home at the age of twenty-three – not many can say the same today,” Rep. Torres said. “As a longtime resident of the Inland Empire, I know that the biggest barrier preventing our community from reaching its full economic potential is lack of affordable housing units.”

According to Christopher Thornberg, director of the UC Riverside School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, the Inland Empire has a robust economy and the 14th largest labor force in the nation. Over the past five years the Inland Empire joined the Bay Area in fastest job growth in California. However, the region’s housing scarcity overshadows this success and presents a real threat to future economic growth.    

“Much like the Inland Empire, the country at large continues to face a housing shortage,” Rep. Torres continued. “As the new Co-Chair of the New Dem Housing Task force, I will fight every day to end housing insecurity in our community, and across the United States.”

“I am excited about the unique perspective and impressive ideas that Norma will bring to the Housing Task Force,” New Democrat Coalition Chair Derek Kilmer said. “At a time when America is facing a housing crisis, we need to act to address the housing shortage and pursue solutions that address housing insecurity. It’s more important than ever that we target some areas where we can move the ball forward and advance policies that help Americans.”

The New Democrat Coalition Housing Task Force acts to address the housing shortage and pursue solutions that address housing insecurity. This includes investing in housing stock as well as addressing land use, inadequate construction financing, and the mismatch of labor supply for the demand.