November 03, 2023

New Democrat Coalition Weekly Wrap 11/3/2023

Press Releases

New Dem Leadership Statement on the Partisan House GOP Supplemental and Need for a Bipartisan Path Forward 

New Democrat Coalition (NDC) Leadership released a statement following the floor vote on House Republicans’ hyper-partisan supplemental appropriations bill, which would increase the deficit by $27 billion over ten years:

“America is at its best and the world is at its safest when the U.S. leads with our allies. And Congress is at its best when lawmakers on both sides of the aisle work together in the best interests of our country.

“Unfortunately, in one of his first acts as Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson has abandoned bipartisanship in favor of partisan politics in an effort to further divide us at a time when Congress should be presenting a unified front to the world.

“The GOP bill recklessly isolates support for Israel from aid for Ukraine and Taiwan and entirely omits humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza. And the irresponsible Republican 'offset' would not only increase our deficit, but set a dangerous precedent by conditioning aid to Israel, our longtime ally. This cannot be the standard moving forward.

“America must stand firm in defense of freedom and democracy both at home and abroad. As Members of the New Democrat Coalition, we have consistently championed legislation to defend our national security and are dedicated to being a moral leader on the global stage. This legislation flies in the face of that long-held commitment by failing to support our allies and innocent civilians in this critical moment, ultimately putting our own security at risk.

“The world is watching. It is time for Speaker Johnson to put partisanship aside, work with House Democrats, our colleagues in the Senate, and finally bring President Biden’s full supplemental request to the floor. There is no time to waste.” Read the release

New Dems Send Letter to Congressional Leadership Urging Full Funding of the Affordable Connectivity Program

New Democrat Coalition (NDC) Chair Annie Kuster (NH-02)NDC Leadership Member Marc Veasey (TX-33), and New Dem Angie Craig (MN-02) led 70 New Dems on a letter to Congressional leadership urging both chambers to include funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) consistent with the President’s emergency supplemental appropriations request in any upcoming government funding package. 

Enacted as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law championed by New Dems last Congress, the ACP currently provides broadband subsidies to more than 21 million households across the country. With funding for this program set to run out as soon as early 2024, it is crucial that Congress works to keep broadband affordable for millions of families who benefit from this program. Read the release & letter

Member Highlights

Rep. Nikki Budzinski (IL-13) led a letter to the chair of the House Committee on Agriculture urging them to preserve funds provisioned in the Inflation Reduction Act to support the USDA's conservation programs that yield climate change mitigation benefits. 

Rep. Steven Horsford (NV-04) spoke at a House Financial Services committee hearing about the importance of limiting international financing of terrorist groups from Iran and the need to stand resolutely behind our ally Israel. 

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) penned an op-ed for Newsweek about how the Speaker's decision to isolate Israel funding from Ukraine and how his approach leaves the U.S. vulnerable. 

Rep. Glenn Ivey (MD-04) talked to local media about his bipartisan push to pass the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act. This legislation would establish a crime-fighting center under the Department of Homeland Security that would help track theft trends and assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in prosecuting criminal rings.

Rep. Lori Trahan (MA-03) celebrated $5.2 Million in funding awarded to her district through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to support efforts to refurbish and repair a long stretch of road in her district to enhance traffic capacity and overall safety.

Rep. Valerie Foushee (NC-04) celebrated the $3.3 Million in funding awarded to Durham County from the EPA’s new Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling program to renovate the center. This grant opportunity is due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,  which allocated a total of $275 million for Solid Waste Infrastructure and Recycling grants program nationwide.

Rep. Susan Wild (PA-07) visited a child care center in her district where she spoke with parents and child care providers about the challenges they face finding affordable care, keeping staff, and serving children across the community.

Member Legislation

Brownley Introduces Legislation to Promote Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging in the US 
Rep. Julia Brownley (CA-26) introduced H.R. 6178, the Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging Act. This legislation would promote bidirectional capabilities for electric vehicles (EV) and buses. Bidirectional charging technology allows vehicle owners to send power back to their homes, businesses, and even to a utility grid. 

Sorensen Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Ensure Government-Purchased American Flags are Made in the United States
Rep. Eric Sorensen (IL-17) introduced H.R. 6206, the All-American Flag Act. This bipartisan legislation would require the federal government to only purchase flags that are entirely produced and manufactured in the United States. 

Torres Introduces Legislation to Keep Pedestrians & Vulnerable Road Users Safe
Rep. Norma J. Torres (CA-35) introduced H.R. 6111, the Pedestrian Hazard, Awareness and Safety Expansion (PHASE) Act to address rising pedestrian accidents and fatalities. Following a troubling report that found the number of pedestrians who were struck and killed by vehicles in 2022 was the highest it has been since 1981, the PHASE Act is an important step toward developing stronger pedestrian safety policies and making our roads safer for all vulnerable road users. 

New Dems in Action

New Dems welcome CFPB Director Rohit Chopra to Weekly Member Lunch


This week, New Dems welcomed the Rohit Chopra, the Director of the Consumer Financial Director Bureau (CFPB) to our weekly Member lunch. Members engaged in a robust conversation with Director Chopra about the Biden Administration's efforts to cut down on junk fees, protect families and small businesses from illegal practices by financial institutions, and ensure that markets for consumer financial products and services are fair, transparent, and competitive.