June 17, 2020

New Democrat Coalition Endorses Resolution to Reform the World Trade Organization

Washington, DC – Today, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC), led by NDC Trade Task Force Co-Chairs Lizzie Fletcher, Ron Kind, Rick Larsen, and Gregory Meeks, endorsed H.Res.746. This bipartisan resolution, led by NDC Rep. Ron Kind, reaffirms the United States’ commitment as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and encourages the Administration to participate with other WTO members in reforming the Appellate Body to address longstanding concerns and help ensure it is in working order.

Specifically, the resolution calls on the United States to seek reforms that will:

  • Improve the speed and predictability of dispute settlement
  • Address longstanding concerns with the WTO’s Appellate Body
  • Increase transparency at the WTO
  • Ensure that WTO members invoke special and differential treatment reserved for developing countries only in fair and appropriate circumstances
  • Update the WTO rules to address the needs of the United States and other free and open economies in the 21st century

“In order to maintain our American leadership in global trade, we must continue our country’s leadership in the World Trade Organization. Trade plays an essential role in Houston’s economy, accounting for billions of dollars and millions of jobs,” said NDC Trade Task Force Co-Chair Lizzie Fletcher. “By reaffirming our country’s commitment to the WTO and to modernizing the Appellate Body, we can help ensure that the WTO can become more efficient and transparent, allowing American businesses to benefit.”

“The World Trade Organization is vital to enforcing the world’s rules-based trading system, resolving trade disputes, and preventing trade from just being a race to the bottom. However, it’s clear there are issues, including the Appellate Body, that must to be addressed and rules that need to be modernized for the 21st century—and it’s imperative that the US doesn’t sit on the sideline as the WTO works to make these changes,” said NDC Trade Task Force Co-Chair Ron Kind. “This resolution has received broad bipartisan support in the Ways and Means Committee, and as co-chair of the Trade Task Force, I’m proud that the New Democrat Coalition is joining this call for the support and modernization of the WTO.”

“A strong, effective World Trade Organization means jobs and economic growth for Washington state, the most trade dependent state in the country,” said NDC Trade Task Force Co-Chair Rick Larsen. “I support this resolution because U.S. leadership in international organizations protects American interests and promotes American values.”

“Global trade is vital to the United States economy, and to retreat from the World Trade Organization where rules of trade are made and negotiated is a disservice to both our economic interests and America’s role as a global leader,” said NDC Trade Task Force Co-Chair Gregory Meeks. “I’m proud that the New Democrat Coalition is making it clear that we do not share in this administration’s isolationist policy, as we reaffirm the United States’ support for the WTO and call for its modernization.”

The NDC is committed to maintaining the United States’ position as a global leader and supports smart trade policy that benefits American workers, businesses, farmers, and consumers. The NDC believes Congress must pursue a policy that promotes a competitive workforce, respects and strengthens our global relationships, brings outdated agreements into the 21st century, and promotes American excellence and values abroad. Most recently, the Coalition included restoring trade leadership in its 20 for 2020 Agenda.