February 06, 2024

New Democrat Coalition Immigration and Border Security Task Force: House Republicans’ Sham Impeachment Puts “Chaos Over Order”

Following the failed House floor vote to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the New Democrat Coalition Immigration and Border Security Task Force, led by Chair Greg Stanton (AZ-04), Vice Chair Salud Carbajal (CA-24), and Vice Chair Lou Correa (CA-46) released a statement.

New Dems previously urged House Republican leadership to bring the Senate’s bipartisan national security bill to the floor for a vote.

“Today, extreme House Republicans once again chose chaos over order, partisan politics over bipartisan solutions. While they ultimately failed in their efforts, in forcing a vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas without a shred of evidence, House Republicans are attempting to distract from their own failure to secure the border.

"From the beginning, this extremist campaign was cynical, shameful, and based on lies – an affront to the Constitution and the seriousness an impeachment demands.

“Republicans have relentlessly pursued this hyper-partisan impeachment to claim they’re taking action on border security. But when a bipartisan, commonsense solution was offered, they rejected it out of hand before even reading the text. 

“Rather than work with Democrats to pass a strong bipartisan national security bill that would help secure the border and address the broken asylum system, House Republicans prefer to use this issue as a political prop to help Trump in the next election. This is a clear dereliction of duty. 

“Despite Republican dysfunction, New Dems will continue fighting tooth and nail to pass comprehensive legislation to address the very real challenges at our border while also supporting our allies, Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, and delivering much-needed humanitarian assistance to citizens caught in conflicts. These issues are far too urgent to wait.”