June 13, 2022

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: New Dems Are Taking Action to Lower Costs for Families with “Best Inflation Plan Yet”

This week, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) released a comprehensive Action Plan to Fight Inflation outlining the next steps Congress and the Biden administration can take to tackle inflation and lower costs for Americans. Policy experts and economists have supported this action plan, calling it the “best inflation-fighting blueprint to come out of Congress yet” and work that “should receive urgent policy consideration.”  The New Dem Action Plan to Fight Inflation has also been featured in the Washington PostCNBCForbes and Fox.

See below for what they are saying:   

Lawrence H. Summers, Former Treasury Secretary, Former Director of the National Economic Council, and President Emeritus of Harvard University  

"Inflation is a central national challenge for the next several years. The New Democrat Coalition has done something very valuable in putting forth a concrete action plan. Its elements should receive urgent policy consideration." 

Ben Ritz, Director of Progressive Policy Institute’s Center for Funding America’s Future in Forbes  

“The moderate New Democrat Coalition (NDC) came forward today with a pragmatic 24-page Action Plan to Fight Inflation — and it’s the best inflation-fighting blueprint to come out of Congress yet. Overall, the NDC’s Action Plan to Fight Inflation presents Congressional leaders and President Biden with a strong menu of policy options that is far better than what their counterparts on the left are offering. It deserves high praise and consideration by their colleagues.” 

Ladan Ahmadi, Deputy Director of Third Way’s Economic Program  

“The New Democrat Coalition knows the danger that inflation poses to families, businesses, and the economy. They have been a critical voice on this issue in Congress and established the only formal congressional working group to explore the causes of inflation and build forward-looking solutions to the problem. We applaud their leadership and encourage others to pay attention to their recommendations.” 

Simon Rosenberg, NDN 

“In their new package the New Democrats are offering serious ideas to tackle a serious set of challenges. With Russia’s aggression in Ukraine likely to keep food and energy prices high here for some time, US policy makers must work very hard now to both keep growth strong and bring down inflation. This detailed set of ideas to tackle inflation is a very welcome addition to an important debate – let’s hope Congress, particularly the Senate, has the courage to act.” 

Ben Ritz, Director of Progressive Policy Institute’s Center for Funding America’s Future  

“PPI applauds the New Democrat Coalition’s Inflation Working Group for tackling what Americans across the political spectrum agree is the top economic problem facing the United States today. Their new Action Plan to Fight Inflation includes many targeted policies that could meaningfully cut costs by strengthening supply chains, reducing barriers to trade, cutting onerous regulations, increasing clean energy production, investing in innovative research, and making fiscal policy more responsive to macroeconomic needs. This thoughtful menu of policy options demonstrates that pragmatic Democrats are getting serious with solutions.”  

The New Dem Action Plan to Fight Inflation has been featured in: 

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