Global Leadership

Restore American global leadership

New Dems will take immediate action to reengage in the international community as a dependable global leader and ally; bolster democracy and renew faith in government; lead with a smart and targeted national security strategy; enact a trade agenda that works for American workers, farmers, and businesses; and build a fair and inclusive immigration system and work to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

In the first 100 days, we will fight to:

  1. Recommit to multilateralism and return to rules-based trade policy that works for American workers, farmers, and businesses
  2. Defend democracy, promote free and fair elections, and restore trust in government
  3. Work with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reverse harmful immigration policies, defend Dreamers, TPS recipients, families, and essential immigrant workers, and promote our values as a nation of immigrants
  4. Secure our nation, lead through diplomacy, and protect against cyber threats