Education and Skills

The changing economy is creating new kinds of work and opportunities, requiring policymakers to improve the role and structure of learning for students and workers. The skills needed for students and workers to achieve the American Dream have changed. Skills also have a much shorter shelf-life than in the past. Learning and training is becoming a lifelong necessity to keep up with changing technology and demands. We must implement policies to help students and workers adapt, including modernizing and expanding access to career and technical education, traditional educational institutions, and skills training to help workers upskill or change occupations.

New Democrats are committed to making higher education more accessible and affordable, fully preparing students for higher education and the workforce, and making higher education more effective, accountable, and inclusive. The New Democrat Coalition released Higher Education Priorities detailing how Congress can ensure Americans have access to one of the most powerful tools for upward mobility. The priorities represent a set of policy ideas that can bring quality education and training programs to more Americans by making higher education more accessible and innovative.