September 15, 2021

New Democrat Coalition Secures Win for American Families in Reconciliation Bill with Extension of Expanded Child Tax Credit

The New Democrat Coalition (NDC) secured a major win for American children and families in the proposed reconciliation bill with a significant extension of the enhanced Child Tax Credit (CTC). The extension of the expanded CTC is one of New Dems’ key reconciliation priorities and will continue to ensure our nation’s children have the opportunity to succeed.

“Extending the enhanced Child Tax Credit is a historic opportunity to continue a critical tax cut for middle-class families that New Dems helped secure,” said NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01). “Since the monthly Child Tax Credit payments started in July, we have already seen the impact of the expanded Child Tax Credit in supporting families from covering the basic necessities of raising children, to helping break the generational cycle of poverty, to rebuilding the middle class. New Dems are committed to the strong Child Tax Credit extension proposed by the House and would have serious concerns with any scaling back of this key Democratic priority.”

Widely supported by Democrats and the President, the expanded Child Tax Credit reaches 39 million households, nearly 90% of all American children, and is fully refundable. The expanded credit will also cut childhood poverty by 55% and combat increased food and housing insecurity from the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to build back better. 

The NDC has also secured wins for other top priorities for reconciliation including, creating lasting jobs, opportunities, and widely shared growth with flexible economic development grantsbuilding on the Affordable Care Act by permanently extending the expanded individual market premium subsidies and closing the Medicaid coverage gap in states that had not previously expanded under the ACA, creating lasting jobs, opportunities, and going big on climate by maximizing emissions reductions and decarbonization tools.

NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01) has long led the fight for the expansion of the CTC, and the NDC previously endorsed and secured a one-year expansion of the Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan. The Coalition is committed to completing this work and making the CTC permanent to avoid near-term cliffs of uncertainty for our families and communities.