August 12, 2022

New Democrat Coalition Celebrates Congressional Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

This Legislation, which Reflects New Dem Priorities and is a Key Plank of the New Dem Action Plan to Fight Inflation, Now Heads to President Biden’s Desk

Today, the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) celebrated the Congressional passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, legislation that will lower health care and energy costs while also making important investments to tackle climate change and reduce the deficit. 

NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (WA-01) released the below statement on passage of the Inflation Reduction Act: 

“Today, the 99 members of the New Democrat Coalition unanimously voted to send the NDC-endorsed Inflation Reduction Act to President’s Biden’s desk to be signed into law. This is a great day for America’s economy, families, and future. 

“From the start of negotiations, New Dems pushed for a bill that focused on lowering costs for Americans and finally taking action to combat the climate crisis. The Inflation Reduction Act achieves these goals by extending the enhanced Affordable Care Act subsidies, enabling Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, boosting clean energy production, and securing our energy independence.  That’s why New Dems made this legislation a key plank of our Action Plan to Fight Inflation and are proud to get this bill across the finish line today. 

“The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is the latest in a growing track record of major Democratic accomplishments. As the majority makers in Congress, our members played a central role in shaping, advancing and passing legislation to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, improve our nation’s infrastructure, care for our veterans, keep our communities safe, strengthen our supply chains, invest in American innovation, grow our economy, and fight inflation to provide relief for American workers and families. 

“Despite slim majorities, Democrats are delivering for the American people, and we’re not stopping here. We’ve proved that Congress is capable of big things and New Dems will continue working to break through the gridlock to find solutions to the kitchen table issues Americans care about most.” 

New Dems championed this legislation from the beginning and worked tirelessly to move this legislation through Congress. The NDC took action by releasing our 100 day agenda, standing up Task Forces on Health Care and Climate Change to develop policy ideas and influence the legislation, laying out our formal priorities in August 2021 for a budget reconciliation bill that focused on doing a few things well for longer, uniting the major House caucus leaders on a consensus agenda of lowering costs and tackling climate change, uniting the House caucuses to keep up the charge on securing a climate deal, pushing for action through our Inflation Working Group and Action Plan to Fight Inflation, calling on Congressional leaders to extend the American Rescue Plan’s ACA subsidies, formally endorsing the Inflation Reduction Act and more.