Future of Work and Capitalism

We live in a period of innovation and economic disruption that has created enormous opportunities for some, but a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety for others. The New Democrat Coalition Future of Work and Capitalism Task Force will seek to ensure that this moment of economic change is one of widely shared opportunity and prosperity. As policy makers, we must face the coming change and adapt to ensure Americans have the tools to seize new opportunities. We believe it is time to modernize the systems and institutions of the 20th Century to prepare and support our workers in the changing economy. We will act to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed, seek to close the skills and opportunity gaps, modernize the social safety net and benefits systems for the 21st century, and empower workers and entrepreneurs.

  • Co-Chairs: Reps. Haley Stevens and Mikie Sherrill
  • Members: Full Membership TBA

Downloadable Future of Work Task Force Overview